E/Not E

UnknownWhen I was born I was given the legal name of George Edward Bulkley, the same as my great-grandfather.  His nickname was Kelly, and from birth my parents called me by that same nickname. There are two variant spellings of my last name, Bulkeley and Bulkley, both of which trace back to the Reverend Peter Bulkeley, a Protestant who left England in 1635 and founded a new church community in what became Concord, Massachusetts. My father comes from a family branch that dropped the first “e.”  After finishing graduate school and becoming a parent, I reinserted the additional “e” into my last name.  Hence the different spellings of my last name and my mother’s in Dreaming Beyond Death and Children’s Dreams. However, I co-wrote The Zodiac with my brother Alex using the “not e” version.